Grappling is a traditional sport that is growing popularity and participation. In Canada grappling has recently fallen under the governing body of Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association who have adopted a rule book adapted from International Amateur Wrestling Federation (F.I.L.A.). As the sport of grappling is nationally governed by CAWA, provincially in Newfoundland the sport will be governed by the NLAWA.

Grappling is a hybrid sport that can encompass many different martial arts disciplines which can include but are not limited to wrestling, jiu-jitsu or judo. The objective of the sport consists in forcing the opponent to admit he/she cannot escape the maneuver without harm. Maneuvers, techniques, strategies and counters are preformed with the intent of gaining a physical advantage over an opponent.

The NLAWA looks forward to progressing the sport in the Provence of Newfoundland and Labrador. As interest in grappling grows in the Provence, The NLAWA is proud to help facilitate participation and involvement in the sport. We hope to strengthen the involvement in grappling at the recreational level as well as progress the caliber of skill at the competitive level.

Official grappling rules and resources can be found at:

 If you would like more information or have any grappling information that you would like to share, please contact us.


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