2017 School Sport NL Varsity Wrestling Provincial Tournament

The 2017 School Sports Newfoundland and Labrador Varsity Wrestling Provincial Tournament on Saturday, February 18th at Crescent Collegiate in South Dildo, NL. This tournament is intended for any wrestlers in grades 7-12 from any school in the province of NL. It will also be one or our major rankings tournaments for our Canada Games Team selection for interested athletes. Crescent Collegiate School is in South Dildo, NL which is about an hour west of St John’s.

We also figured that while we have many coaches from the province togeather in one location, it would be a good time for us to have our 2017 Annual General Meeting. In our AGM we hope to quickly and efficiently inform people of our upcoming events as well as address some small housekeeping matters. We would love to see all coaches and anyone who is interested in attendance. Food and refreshments will be provided. This meeting will be held in the same place as the weigh-ins for the tournament to cut down on confusion and I have also attached a map.
As per School Sport NL regulations, all competitors must be weighed in prior to competition to ensure that they are within their respected weight classes. Attached is a tournament information sheet which has is a list of the official weight classes for this tournament. Coaches, please ensure that all athletes are within their designated weight classes. If for some reason an athlete can not physically be at the tournament weigh-in please contact us.
A tentative schedule for the weekend is as follows:
Friday, February 17th
4pm-6pm – Tournament Weigh-Ins – Physical Education Building, MUN campus, St. John’s
7pm-9pm – AGM – ROOM 2028, Physical Education Building, MUN campus, St. John’s
Saturday, February 18th
8AM – 2PM – SSNL Varsity Wrestling Provincial Tournament  – Crescent Collegiate, South Dildo
3pm – 4pm – Tournament Banquet & medal presentations – Crescent Collegiate, South Dildo
On Sunday, February 19th we will be offering our coaching certification clinic for part B of the Competition Introduction Model from 10am – 230pm on Memorial University Campus. This session is free of charge and is open to anyone who would like to attend to become certified as part A is not needed to do part B. It is recommended that those who have already completed their Part A make an effort to attend. For more information on the coaching course or if you would like to register please contact Peter Petipas at peter_petipas@hotmail.com.
Tournament Registration can be done easily online through School Sports NL website. Please click on the following link for step by step instructions on how to register a team and athlete.

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Memorial University Seahawks Wrestler Dennis Sutton named Athlete of the Week

Via Memorial University Sea-hawks Facebook:

“Dennis Sutton is the Burger King male athlete of the week after a strong performance this past weekend in competition at the Brock University Open in St Catherine’s, Ontario. Sutton represented Memorial well in the very competitive 100kg weight bracket. He had two impressive technical wins, a loss and a hard fought 14-14 draw for his final match which was awarded to his opponent based on judged criteria. He secured 4th place in his weight category against many high caliber wrestlers.”


Photo Credit: @MemorialSeaHawks

Congratulations Dennis in representing Newfoundland and Labrador wrestling well on the national level. Best of luck in your upcoming competitions.



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On November 25th we had the First Annual Randy Ralph Memorial Provincial Open Tournament. It was a huge success with participants coming from all over the island. Big thanks to Roncalli Central High School for hosting the tournament. Results  are listed below.
Kids Female
1) Evelyn Strapp (2 Points)
1) Presley Curran (2 Points)
1) Samantha Walborne (7 Points)
2) Drew Nolan (5 Points)
3) Lexi Lewis (3 Points)
4) Jessica Wall (1 Point)
1) Erika Power (5 Points)
2) Isabella Mercer (3 Points)
3) Judy Chen (2 Points)
Kids Male
1) Gerald Strapp (2 Points)
1) Cameron Lewis (4 Points)
2) Peter Quinlan (2 Points)
1) Patrick McGrath (5 Points)
2) Tyler Pitcher (3 Points)
3) Harrison Hawco (2 Points)
1) Ryan Russell (4 Points)
2) Caleb Cutting (2 Points)
1) Riley Barrett (4 Points)
2) Morgan Beaton (2 Points)
1) Braydon Wells (4 Points)
2) Cameron Reid (2 Points)
1) Toby Cutting (2 Points)
1) Joshua Gillard (5 Points)
2) Brandon Mercer (3 Points)
3) Esau Predham (2 Points)
1) Christian Drover (2 Points)
Canada Games Female
1) Allie Quinlan (3 Points)
1) Emma Terry (5 Points)
2) Maia Hickey (3 Points)
3) Hilary McHugh (2 Points)
1) Mackenzie Stone (3 Points)
1) Morgan Whelan (3 Points)
1) Julianna Murphy (7 Points)
2) Rae Organ (5 Points)
3) Lauren Ezekiel (3 Points)
4) Jessica Butler (1 Point)
1) Katie Woodford (4 Points)
2) Zoe McDonald (2 Points)
1) Brittany Fellows (4 Points)
2) Chloe Parsons (2 Points)
1) Angel Hiltz (4 Points)
2) Kira Drew (2 Points)
Canada Games Male
1) Bradley Power (9 Points)
2) Brandon Smith (6 Points) (Crescent)
3) Blake Peddle (4 Points) (Crescent)
4) Anthony Johnson (2 Points) (Crescent)
5) Logan Lewis (1 Point)
1) Jordan Pritcher (2 Points) (Crescent)
1) Alex Tilley (5 Points)
2) Kyle March (3 Points) (Crescent)
3) Dylan Fellows (2 Points)
1) Daniel Walsh (7 Points)
2) Nick Dunphy (5 Points)
3) Josh Cumby (3 Points) (Crescent)
4) Kyle Molloy (1 Point)
1) Andrew Hatcher (7 Points)
2) Devin Hawco (5 Points)
3) James Howe (3 Points)
4) Josh Healy (1 Point)
1) Nick Gilbert (4 Points) (Crescent)
2) Kyle Devereaux (2 Points)
1) Brady Barrett (4 Points) (Crescent)
2) Logan Drover (2 Points) (Crescent)
Female Junior/Senior
1) Nicole Hollohan (4 Points)
2) Mackenzie Stone (2 Points)
1) Jamie Lake (10 Points)
2) Victoria Ralph (7 Points)
3) Julianna Murphy (5 Points)
4) Rae Organ (3 Points)
5) Lauren Ezekiel (2 Points)
6) Jessica Butler (1 Point)
1) Kailey Penney (5 Points)
2) Becky Sparrow (3 Points)
3) Angel Hiltz (2 Points)
Male Junior/Senior
1) Alex Tilley (4 Points)
2) Keiron Fardy (2 Points)
1) Jake Cartman (5 Points)
2) Jordan Stewart (3 Points)
3) Liam Penny (2 Points)
1) Julian Cantrutti (5 Points)
2) Liam Pronovan (3 Points)
3) Nathan Hart (3 Points)
1) Peter Petipas (4 Points)
2) Kyle Snow (2 Points)
1) Peter Petipas (5 Points)
2) Kelsey Reichel (3 Points)
3) Robert Hermanto (3 Points)

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Add us to Twitter

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Randy Ralph Memorial Provincial Open Tournament Registration Form

Attached below is the registration form for The Randy Ralph Memorial Provincial Open Tournament which has already been emailed to coaches. The tournament is happening this coming weekend on Saturday, November 26th and is open to absolutely any one who would like to compete. The age divisions and weight classes are also attached.

If you would like to register an athlete/team, please fill out the form and email it to peter_petipas@hotmail.com

We would like to receive as many forms as possible on or before 9pm on Wednesday, November 23rd so we can get started in organizing the tournament brackets. If coaches would like to register wrestlers after this date they certainly can. There is a registration fee of $10 for all athletes which can be paid on tournament day. If you have an questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See you on the mats!



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The Randy Ralph Memorial Provincial Open Wrestling Tournament

We are very proud to announce that we will be holding the first annual Randy Ralph Memorial Provincial Open Wrestling Tournament. This tournament will be held on Saturday, November 26th, 2016 at  at Roncalli High School in Avondale, NL. This is a open wrestling tournament, so any athlete of any weight class or skill level may participate!

This tournament is being held in honor of Mr. Randy Ralph. As a passionate wrestling coach and long time President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Amateur Wrestling Association, Randy was the very heart beat of the sport of wrestling in the Provence of Newfoundland and Labrador for a long time. A portion of the tournament proceeds will be going towards creating an award in Randy’s honor for a NL wrestling athlete. We will also gladly be accepting any donations anyone would be willing to donate.

That same weekend we will be offering a wrestling coaching certification clinic for Level 1 (community sport coach) for any one who is interested in becoming a certified wrestling coach with the NCCP. We will also be doing a wrestling officials certification clinic the same weekend. We have trained clinicians coming down from from Wrestling Canada to facilitate both courses.There will be no over lap between both courses so completing both is possible and encouraged. The officials clinic will happen Friday evening and the coaching clinic will happen Saturday evening as well as Sunday morning. We are really trying to promote the certification of coaches and officials in NL so The NLAWA is offering these courses to any one who is interested at absolutely NO COST !!
We would like to be as accommodating as possible. If you are only able to make part of the coaching courses, please let us know ahead of time, and we will schedule you to do the remainder at the first possible opportunity. If you can not make the officials course, you may still attend the tournament to get the swing of things, we will try to work you into the reffing schedule as best we can to gain experience. If you would like to help out with the sport any where in the Provence in any way, we encourage you to attend one or even both courses.

If you are interested or require any more information please contact Peter Petipas at peter_petipas@hotmail.com (709) 746-2039.
 This will be our first rankings tournament for the 2017 Canada Games, and as such, to be able to compete in a Canada Games division you must be between the ages of 15 and 18 as of December 31, 2017 (athletes born 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002). Athletes will be given a weight allowance of 1 kg for our Canada Games division (ie. male 70 kg class may weigh in at a maximum of 71 kg).
Weight Classes that will be in effect for this tournament are as follows:
1. 44 to 47 kg.
2. up to 51 kg.
3. up to 56 kg.
4. up to 60 kg.
5. up to 65 kg.
6. up to 70 kg.
7. up to 76 kg.
8. up to 85 kg.
9. up to 97 kg.
10. up to 115 kg.
11. up to 125 kg.

1. 38 to 40 kg.
2. up to 44 kg.
3. up to 48 kg.
4. up to 52 kg.
5. up to 56 kg.
6. up to 60 kg.
7. up to 64 kg.
8. up to 69 kg.
9. up to 74 kg.
10. up to 79 kg.
11. up to 84 kg.

Weight classes in effect for our Junior/Senior aged athletes are:
1. up to 57 kg.
2. up to 61 kg.
3. up to 65 kg.
4. up to 70 kg.
5. up to 74 kg.
6. up to 86 kg.
7. up to 97 kg.
8. up to 125 kg.

1. up to 48 kg.
2. up to 53 kg.
3. up to 55 kg.
4. up to 58 kg.
5. up to 60 kg.
6. up to 63 kg.
7. up to 69 kg.
8. up to 75 kg.
9. up to 82 kg.

Kids/Bantam weights will be arranged based upon the number of participants, and their weight proximity.

Athletes will be given a weight allowance of 1 kg (ie. male 70 kg class may weigh in at a maximum of 71 kg).
Registration for the tournament will be $10 per person per weight.
A tentative schedule for the weekend will be posted soon.
If you are interested or require any more information regarding the tournament please contact:
Peter Petipas at peter_petipas@hotmail.com (709) 746-2039.
Weather you would like to compete, attend a clinic, or even just help out or watch, we would love to see as many people come out as possible. We look forward to seeing you there.
Please feel free to join our Facebook group “NLAWA Wrestling”and join our event on Facebook as well”Randy Ralph Memorial Provincial Open”.

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Welcome to The 2016-2017 Season

The NLAWA is very excited for the 2016-2017 wrestling season! We have several tournaments, coaching certification and officials clinics in the works for the near future. We are eager to grow and strengthen the sport of wrestling in the Provence of Newfoundland and Labrador. We look forward to doing this in the upcoming season. Please check back regularly for more information!

If you are interested in getting involved in wrestling in any was as a athlete, coach, official or volunteer please do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us link to the right. nlawa-emblum

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